MaxRoad I Cap 120 I DG 13 I Top 300 System I Coin System

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Start Items

Lv Up Room
You Can Reach To Max Level Easy By Lv Up Room
Bot System

You Can Get Alot Of Coins and "Nova""Moon" DG 13  From This Area (Alex Mobs 101 : 107)
Every Trade 5 Star You Automaticaly You Will Recive [ 50 Arena coin ]
How To Get [ Sun Items ]
By Holy Water Temple System
Fair System [ Legend Skill For CH Chars ]

We Add New Balanced Skill To CH Chars To Get Fair Race
About NPC`s

You Can Purchase A Special Items & Stones To Get Your Full Power
From New Npc`s Area
Auto Event System

2-. Top 3 Jobbers
3-. Top 3 Gold Owners
4-. GM Killer
5-. Alchemy Plus Event
6-. Hide And Seek
7-. Unique Killer Rewards
8-. Job Suites Unique Match
9-. Lucky Party Number
10-. Search And Destroy
11-. Most Deadly Pvp Match
12-. Unique Spawn
13-. Lucky Global
14-. Gold Lottery
15-. Last Man Standing
16-. Lucky Staller
17-. Choose The Right Answer
We Do All We Have To Provide Fair Systems.
We Waiting Our Heros.